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Monday, March 02, 2015
A Time To Be Bold Again—An Interview With Margarita Lopez PDF Print E-mail
Friday, September 09, 2005
ImageImageouncilmember Margarita Lopez (D-Manhattan, District 2) thinks there is a need to infuse Manhattan with a little kindness, especially toward those who do not fall within the well-heeled circles typically associated with the storied skyscrapers and famous landmarks of Midtown and Downtown.

Her compassion is based on an alarming fact that poor and working class people of this City face each day: they are being driven out by ever-increasing rent, real estate taxes, healthcare, and poor education. The borough of Manhattan seems to have a particular disdain for those who feel that $1900-per month for a one-bed-room apartment is just a little out of control.

The famous “passion” that drives Ms. Lopez, however, is not based on ideas to increase Welfare, or handouts from the rich to the poor. Instead, what is moving this Puerto Rican native deeper into the Manhattan political ring is an idea to reduce obstacles and increase opportunities for those who want to engage in a healthier and wealthier lifestyle AND remain in the core of the Big Apple (Manhattan).

In this exclusive interview with New York Latino Journal, we engaged Margarita Lopez on the following issues: (you will need the free QuickTime plug-in for your Web browser, if it is not already installed)

“Loisaida,” and the Contribution of Latinos in New York City (01:17)
Organizing, and the Power of the People (01:03)
Fighting Against High Rents and Poor Housing (04:49)
The Marriott Hotel Project on 125th, and the Uptown NY Project (02:21)
Unemployment, Education and Entrepreneurship (04:18)

. Written by virtualboricua on Saturday, November 05, 2005
For all of her rhetoric (and despite her rich history of activism on the Lower East Side), I still question what Margarita Lopez can actually teach the Boricua community about genuine political empowerment. I say this respectfully, but with full knowledge that she has endorsed Mike Bloomberg for mayor and now stands to receive a six-figure salary as compensation.  
Bloomberg is, after all, a businessman who did his best to "erase" a sexual harassment suit in his own company. Bloomberg is also a consummate politician who paid off a known political cult to hand-deliver petition signatures (and votes and propaganda) to deliver his victory to City Hall.  
This is, after all, a man who erased his own personal “history” in the Village for the sake of "rebuilding" a city to his and his developer friends’ liking.  
Mike Bloomberg and Margarita Lopez have both had to "swallow" their "personal" histories for the sake of political immortality.  
So, tell me, exactly how and why should the Latino community admire or emulate Margarita Lopez as an empowered Boricua leader? Exactly how will her spanking new office down at City Hall empower disenfranchised Latinos in NYC?

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Monday, March 02, 2015
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