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Tuesday, March 03, 2015
Welcome to the
New York Latino Journal!
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Sunday, May 01, 2005

ImageImagehere is a common thread that binds us not just to each other, but to the lands we, or our families left behind. We felt it should be an individual as well as a collective responsibility to explore that connection and that history.

The NY Latino Journal is the beginning of an effort to help disseminate the news, comments, opinions and perspectives that typically fall through the cracks of politically and economically restrained media conduits.

This not-for-profit endeavor serves as a node to the vast network of independent media, focusing on original and syndicated
content regarding the Latin American experience in New York, the US and the world.

In addition, we will offer interactive tools, such as the comments feature and events calendar currently in operation, to further extend our voices and collective efforts.

We have many questions about the past, present and future of our cultures, respectively, and in the context of a Latino/Hispanic aggregate in New York, the United States an abroad. In addition to "authorities" and scholars, we want to engage the plumbers, the mechanics, the law enforcement officers, the aspiring artists, the activists, the men and women in military service and everyone in between to find answers.

This venture is currently under development. All inquiries are welcomed. If you have a comment, suggestion, question or story you would like to share, please email us: info@nylatinojournal.com.

       Current version: 1.3


The New York Latino Journal is looking to expand into the mainstream of electronic, print and televised media. As one of the founding pieces of a larger media network currently under development, the New York Latino Journal has experienced modest growth since its inception. This increase in visitor traffic has occurred without an ad campaign and without image galleries or video features (these and other components are currently being developed). This is a good indicator of the direction we are heading in -- and the hundreds of reader comments and letters testify to this end.

As we continue to build the operating infrastructure, we are open to discussing sponsorship and advertisement opportunities at this stage from respectable entities looking to engage the growing Latino market in New York City and the United States.


52,293 unique users
72,907 pageviews

More than 28% of the total visitors from outside the United States came from Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Mexico,  Brazil, Spain, Colombia and other countries.

More than 53% of the total visitors from the United States came from New York, California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Illinois.

The NY Latino Journal appeals to a more educated, slightly female slanted, mostly Hispanic and African American visitor. With a household income on par with the United States national average, the NY Latino Journal visitor is between their late teens to late forties.


26.8% of total visitors bookmarked (added to favorites) the New York Latino Journal in their browsers in April 2008. Over 25% of visitor traffic came from links on external pages. Direct visits (bookmarked or typed in) made up more 37% of visitor traffic, while traffic from search engine links (Google, MSN,Yahoo, Ask.com, AOL and others) made up more than 12% of total visitors.

Using "Latino Journal" as key words, the New York Latino Journal ranked #3 in
Google, Yahoo and MSN/ Live Search.

NOTE:  Analysis for the month of April 2008. Metrics defferientiates between ‘human’ traffic and traffic generated by robots, such as Googlebot, MSNBot, Inktomi Slurp, worms or replies with special HTTP status codes. Traffic generated by machine is not included in this data profile. Also, some visitors use many proxy servers to surf (ie: AOL users), creating multiple IP impressions. These are counted as single visitors.

. Written by Guest on Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Looks great so far, keep up the work
. Written by Guest on Monday, March 28, 2005
Interesting mix of articles ("samples"). This will be a unique effort in our community. Best of luck, indeed. 
Written by mrcarrion2 on Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Looks good! I'll see you all at the events! 
. Written by Fernando Reals on Friday, September 08, 2006
I am glad to see this site. Democracy is being strangled by the media conglomerates and sites like these open up the spaces for fresh air in tightening chokeholds... Ahhhh, can you feel that cool island breeze? Pero, Mira, put a caption with that photo above; isn't it a Palestinian child watching an Israelis soldier in the Occupied Palestinian Territories? Looks familiar to me, I just returned from 6 weeks in the West Bank and kept a blog I would like to share: www.apuntespalestine.blogspot.com Palante Pa'siempre! 

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